Goomba's Adventure: The Cosmic Showdown is a new adventure starring a goomba as a player. The game introduces many new power-ups such as the Ice Block, Bubble, Water Flower, Magic and more! It also introduces a new type of yoshi called Vacuum Yoshi (Kirby Yoshi). It has a dramatic storyline and it's very enjoyable to see what happens next.

The main story is that 3000 years ago in the Mushroom World, in the times of the ancient toads where it was peaceful. An orb of evil called Zorgate that came from space invaded the Mushroom World and took over it. The ancient toads then crafted a star and had enchanted it with ancient power. It was called the Cosmic Star. The star was used to destroy Zorgate and it was successful. After it destroyed Zorgate, the Cosmic Star shattered into 8 pieces and scattered everywhere in the Mushroom World. The body of Zorgate was buried in the Ruins of Zorgate which was named after the evil orb. The ruins was sealed by a tomb that would open if a secret code was inputed. The toads left no sign of the code anywhere in the Mushroom World but a place called Seah-Reka (See-Ya Reek-A), a deserted island that is uncharted in the present day. In the present day, Goomboss's minions discovered a piece of the shattered star in Toadstool Ruins during a training session. Goomboss then set a new mission so he can collect all the pieces so he can use the star to take over the universe, stepping up bowser and having everyone on the planet be his slaves. He had to lie to Bowser and all the minions about it to get it to work. Then one Goomba who was not very pleased about the idea and was always the goomba who gets upset whenever there was a raid at Peach's Castle, he betrayed Goomboss and tries to stop him. That didn't work out as now all of Goomboss's and Bowser's troops are after him to destroy him. This good Goomba plans to get all the pieces of the star so he can recover it and send it off into space for good so Goomboss can't get it. He traves across the Mushroom Kingdom to recover the pieces and then travels off to other places outside of the Mushroom Kingdom to recover the pieces. He makes many friends on the way and they help him on the way. He meets Goombella when exploring Toadstool Ruins for a piece of the star and she assists you on your adventure. Together they found ancient toad language where Goombella can read because of her archaeology studies. It says that the ancient toads knew where the pieces of the star are and it said that there are 2 at Toadstool Ruins, 1 at Spike Canyon, 1 at Crystal Icelands, 1 at Sandwave Beach, 1 at Woodlight Forest, 1 at Mountain Skyway and 1 at Haunted Rocklands. Some of these places were in the Mushroom Kingdom, Beanbean Kingdom, Flower Kingdom and many other places. They go and set off to all these places. They set up a camp called Goomba Relaxation Point at an hidden area at Toadstool Ruins for toads to enjoy them self and as a base hidden from Goomboss's Troops. You also get a ShoomGear which was made by E. Gadd which the blueprints for it was stolen by Bowser's troops and now they are making it too with software for communication with the minions. The one you got was official. Enjoy this game and watch this story unfold in-game!

Full Level List

This game contains 10 Worlds and 3 Bonus Worlds.

World 1: Toadstool Ruins

1-1: Ancient Path

1-2: Buried Ruins

1-3: Windy Passage

1-4: Mountain Passing

1-Tower: Shaken Tower

1-5: Overgrown Fields

1-6: Ship Raid

1-7: Mushroom Pipeway

1-GH: Odd House

1-8: Undersea Ruins

1-9 (secret): Crumbling Ruins

1-Castle: State Switch Ruins

World 2: Spike Canyon

More will be added to this page when the game is being made.

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